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Year 5 library visit

Thursday afternoon, 5RM and 5OL visited Ilfracombe Library to see the visiting author, Steven Camden. What a treat it was!

Steven got all the children engaged and together we came up with the plot of a story. He used ideas from lots of the children and caused a real buzz around story writing.

The plot to our story was so good Steven even said he could see some real potential in them so keep your eyes peeled in any of his new books for a crazy pizzeria or an 8P’s Pizza!

The children were so excited they all wanted to tell their favourite parts!

Chloe said ‘I really liked the author because he was funny. The best part was making Pizza flavours – Brownie and cat farts!’

Archie liked how amazing Steven was - ‘He chose lots of peoples ideas. I got to make an old wizard voice to perform a rhyme. It was fun!’

‘The library assembly was amazing! My best moment was getting to give my idea and getting to make funny voices.’ – Oliver



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