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Year 6 Explore The Eden Project

Year 6 spent the day as explorers and botanists at the Eden Project, Cornwall. They spent the day exploring the world’s largest greenhouse and growing curious about the world of plants.

In science this term, the children have been learning all about the challenges plants face and their ingenious adaptations for survival. Based on this knowledge, the children then planned their own scientific study to research in the biomes of Eden. They developed some fascinating questions to study:

- How have plants adapted to discourage predators?

- In what ways have plants used relationships with other plants to overcome challenges?

- How do plants on the forest floor adapt to ensure they receive enough light and space?

The children were an absolute delight and once again represented Ilfracombe Junior School with such pride and high standards of learning behaviour. All put their knowledge of plants into great use as they explored the amazing variety of flora to develop their understanding about the role of plants.

Through the collection of their evidence, children will be developing designs for plants that will have adaptations to withstand the impact of global warming. Watch this space.



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