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4AC Simonsbath trip!

4AC had the most wonderful action-packed trip to Simonsbath House. We put our teamwork skills to the test on an assault course, zoomed down a zipline, climbed walls of all sizes and even tried archery.

After dinner, we had a fantastic torch-lit night walk through the woodland and built shelters! Although some of us were nervous, we all stayed overnight and loved sharing a room with our friends. Some of us even wanted to stay for longer!

On the second day, we learned all about the River Barle (after the most delicious breakfast) and then went for a walk to see if we could spot any of the features we had learned about (such as tributary, confluence, flood plains, meander) in our Geography lessons. Before coming back to school, we were able to get into the river (some of us got very wet!) and carry out some fieldwork which will help us in future geography lessons.



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