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4WS at Simonsbath

4WS had an incredible time at Simonsbath house. Did you hear we had SNOW!!!! Our first day our exciting activities included archery, zip-line, and land rafting amongst other things. Many of us were confident when walking over wobbly bridges or hanging from monkey bars, yet some of us had to sum up some courage and concentration in order to achieve these feats. It was so pleasing to see children in 4WS overcoming some of their fears and to see how proud they were once they’d accomplished these feats.

After a scrummy dinner, we wandered up into the woods and made some spectacular dens – we even considered sleeping in them for the night! After a bedtime story (and one or two tears) we all finally got to sleep which was just as well because when we woke . . . THERE WAS SNOW!

It was a stunning morning. Blue skies, a golden sun and a lovely, white, crisp covering of snow. Obviously we played in the snow before breakfast and a few snowballs were thrown (luckily, no teachers were injured). We filled our bellies with a hot breakfast before learning about or river walk. Just as the snow was melting, we set off along the River Barle to see meanders, floodplains and spotted different types of valleys. We packed then returned to school tired, happy and feeling accomplished.



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