Art Days

"During the first three days back, everyone took part in a celebration of art. The school was filled with a buzz and energy, it was fantastic to see everyone being inspired and excited to talk about and show their creations, after lots of exploration! I can't wait to see their final pieces displayed around school!" Miss Cox

Here are some snapshots of what was achieved - please scroll through them. More will be on display during the Parent's Evenings.

Year Three: produced an individual representation of local architecture, using clay.

Year Four: produced a harbour scene based on Van Gogh’s style, using movement and colour to create mood in the sea and the sky. 

Year Five: explored views of Ilfracombe Harbour, using different printing techniques to create striking, black and white collaborative class pieces.

Year Six: focused on the work of Afremov to inspire their own view of the Landmark, exploring colour, perspective and tone.


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