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BBC 2 500 Words Competition

A big well done to Seren Collins who has made it through to the next round of BBC 2's 500 Words Competition!

Here is her fantastic story and we wish her all the best in making it further!

The Land of Drip and Drizzle

Far away in an old, rundown, abandoned cafe there lived a little boy named Alfred. Alfred loved rainy days, he would run out as soon as he awoke, playing elegantly in the crystal clear puddles. But that all changed one cold, wet winters morning. He woke to the soft sound of rain drops pattering on the pavements, and birds chirping. He knew it was going to be a good day, he couldn't waste any time. In a rush Alfred tore away his bedding, and scrambled out of bed. He pulled his favourite, red wellies onto his feet, he threw a large fluffy coat over his shoulders and headed for the door. As soon as he stepped outside, Alfred felt the cold air slap against his face. In the corner of his eye Alfred spotted a serene, frost covered puddle, beside the old, crumbling bridge. Being careful not to crack the frozen top coat on the water he headed for the puddle. Left foot right foot...left foot right foot, each step he took Alfred was picking up the pace. Nothing could go wrong. The last few steps Alfred sprinted using all of his might, then he jumped. He felt the ice crack beneath his feet, dunking him into the freezing cold pool of ice. Down and down Alfred went. He felt as if there was no end, just a long tunnel of blackness. He reached out a leg in hope of finding some sort of ledge to grab onto. Nothing. Finally his feet hit the ground, he was helpless. Alfred guessed he had fallen into a different dimension. He couldn't describe the area he was in, it was black so black that not even the brightest light would be visible. "Hello my friend. "It was a plump raindrop drop perching on a throne. "My name is sir Drippy, but you can call me Mat, welcome to the land of drip and drizzle. "Alfred had to admit this was all very strange. "Unfortunately you landing here is very hazardous to our world," "Why?" Alfred asked. "look up, "Mat said. Alfred looked up he could see the frozen underlay of the puddle he had previously jumped into. "You see, every step you take destroys our land, and for that reason you must return to your land in order to restore the broken parts in ours. Slowly, Alfred and Mat walked through the town, now with many raindrops crowding in little pods. In the distance Alfred spotted a cobblestone arch, it had been one of the few materials not made from ice, so Alfred guessed it was important to the raindrop people. "What's that for? "Alfred asked, pointing to the cobblestone arch. "That is what we like to call our saviour, it will transport you back to your world. "Mat answered. "You may now leave...please step into the arch. "In silence Alfred walked into the arch with no hesitation. He froze as everything turned into a blue and white blur, as Alfred opened his eyes he was standing next to the frost covered puddle, in disbelief.



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