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Easter Holiday Club

During our the break our school held an Easter Holiday Club.

We had some really fun activities, including arts and crafts, sports, healthy eating (making fruit faces), treasure hunts, forest schools and gardening.

All children and staff had a fantastic time.

‘We went on a scavenger hunt. We found lots of things in the field, we worked together to find lots of different stuff!’ JOSHUA COOK 3EC

‘I loved the Easter egg hunt. It was very fun. We had to find lots of letter then we got to have Easter eggs. Mine were blue and yellow.’ HENRY PALMER 3KJ

‘I really enjoyed spending time with my friends. The scavenger hunt was fun - we found lots of things like wild flowers, daisies and daffodils.’ KIA THACKER 3CO

‘I enjoyed stone painting, making pompoms and having fun.’ JESSICA ASTON 4TS

‘I have had lots and lots and lots of fun!’ RYLEE-THOMAS WHITE 4TS



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