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School Closed Thursday 2nd November

Dear parent/carer,

Following guidance we have received from Devon County Council we have made the decision to close the school tomorrow, 2nd November 2023.

As you are aware there is currently an amber weather warning in place as storm Ciaran moves towards Devon. An amber warning presents a risk to life, but there is also a large amount of uncertainty about this weather front which means it could increase to a red warning overnight. The combination of wind, rain, and the storm moving over warm sea waters increases risk of very high wind speeds, flooding and trees falling.

An emergency strategy meeting has taken place at Devon County Council this afternoon and it was agreed that school leaders should receive information to ensure they fully appreciate that the current weather warning presents a risk to life and could worsen.

Based on this guidance, and given the unpredictability of this weather front along with the risk to life warning, we have made the decision to close school tomorrow. Work for pupils will be available on the school website. Please make sure you regularly check the website and School Gateway for any further updates.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Le Bredonchel

Head teacher

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