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5RM and 5OL Hele Beach Trip

This morning, 5RM and 5OL visited Hele beach to look for coastal features caused by coastal erosion.

We were amazed to find so many different features on our doorstep!

The beach showed great examples of the erosion with many cracks and caves - the children enjoyed exploring them. We discussed how these features are created and used our breadth of knowledge from Geography lessons.

After finding all the coastal features on the beach, we looked across the bay to find a great example of an arch. It has been cut out by the ocean and will, in time, turn into a stack. The children were excited to think about the arch once being a cave!

Lilly said ‘I quite enjoyed noticing lots of different types of rocks.’

Matilda was excited to climb into the caves and was shocked to find one that had turned into an arch that we could look through!



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