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Collective Noun Art Competition

It was very tricky to choose just one winner, as there were so many inventive and beautifully illustrated entries, so well done to all of you!

1st place goes to Georgia-Mae Gatcum 5RM for her delicate attention to detail on her 'Band of Coyotes' and 'Business of Ferrets'.

2nd place goes to Ziggy Coslett in 3EC for his 'Round of Robins'. I loved all the tiny robins perched in a circle.

3rd place goes to Zoey Jackson-Field in 3CO for her 'Flutter of Butterflies and Two Armies of Caterpillars'. I loved the cartoon features on all the characters' faces!

I also loved Levi's (3RA) and Jamie's (4AC) for their take on armies. Please bring your entries into school so that they can be displayed.

Miss Cox



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