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Easter Homework for Year 6

As part of your Easter homework, your teachers would like you to create a book review on a non-fiction book. It can book of your choice and could be on a topic we have already learnt about in class, or simply something you find interesting.

The aim of your review is to show your understanding of a text. When we return to school, you should be able to talk confidently about your book and discuss the content as well as provide your opinion.

There are lots of ways to present your book review. These could include a written speech, PowerPoint presentation or a poster.

Below is a list of some of the basic information you will need to include:

· The title and author

· An overview of the information

· Likes and dislikes about the book

· Your opinion of the presentation and layout

· Whether you would recommend it, and to whom

If you don’t have a non-fiction book at home, please speak to your teacher who will be able to help you find an interesting book to read and create your book review on.

Your book review should be returned to school on Monday 19th April, after the Easter holiday.

Enjoy your Easter break.

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