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Expanding Vocabulary

In order to develop and expand our children's vocabulary, each week we run discrete vocabulary sessions. In class, a new word is introduced, defined and explored. The pupils practise applying the word in a variety of contexts. The idea is that within the session, the children will have said and heard the new word lots and lots of times which supports them in remembering it. The words are displayed in class on the vocabulary boards so the children can refer to them. Eventually these words are added to the class book and which is also kept on display so the children can always look back at previous words they have learnt. Lots of the children then successfully apply their newly acquired vocabulary into their writing. When they use one of the words, they underline them in purple.

These vocabulary sessions are already proving to be really engaging and effective!

'I love our vocabulary sessions because we get to learn new words and practice using them.' Imy Jamieson-Dunn 3EC

'I like vocabulary because I really enjoy trying the new words out in sentences.' Isabelle Isaac 3EC

'I find vocabulary useful; because we learn new words that make our sentences more interesting.' Eliza Roberts 3EC


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