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Friendly Fixtures with Woolacombe

Throughout the year our school team up with Woolacombe School to work together in different sports.

The idea of the initiative is to develop both sets of children to improve in various sports ready for up and coming North Devon competitions.

Also, to give more of our children the opportunity to develop and enjoy sport and make friends with children from other schools.

The following children took part in Tag Rugby on 24th September: Katie Banyard, Kasey-Anne Laughlin, Oliver Lake, Ethan Handley, Sophie Hales, Louis Archer, Alfie Truman, Olivia Towey, Finley Palmer and Ella Redmore.

The following children took part in Football on 1st October: Ollie O’Bierne, Eddie Wallace-Cook, Lucas Doughty, Bradley Blackmore, Kadi O’Toole, Kieran Whitehead, Oli Webster, Harry Bulled, Skye Johnson, Brooklyn Brothers, Ellie Pearson, Phoenix Wilson. Zsa Zsa Wilson and Daisy Bright.

The following children took part in Netball on 8th October: Sam Williams, Leland Kirby, Zak Rice, Chloe Halliwell, Sophie Hales, Ivy Laing, Lani Ratcliffe and Lucky Gurung.



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