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Inspired by Gustav Holst

5SD have been inspired by Gustav Holst’s music, The Planets (a series of songs written to represent different planets). The children designed their own planets and were tasked with the challenge to compose music that represented their created world. Over a series of weeks, they experimented with different instruments and sounds – and explored how different musical elements could be used to achieve a desired effect (for example, a gentle, repeating melodic pattern on the glockenspiel helped represent the calm nature of a peaceful planet). This built up to a final performance to their class – we all acted as audience members too and had to guess what each planet was like – just by listening! Have a look and listen to part of their work – here is a video of the children during the planning process of their musical creation. This was a busy lesson with a lot of sound, but as you can see in the video, everyone is so focused on their own task.

Download MOV • 83.01MB



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