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My Lundy Poem

Water and trees that blow the fresh breeze

Scaly fish jumped and the boat bumped

The water is wavy and its navy

The water was bubbling to the top

The fish splashed with a ‘plop’!

The water was choppy and one of the fish was floppy

The water was shining and no-one was whining

I can smell the suncream that whiffs to my nose

But I can’t smell the ruby red rose.

The might of the wave that blows the breeze away

That is so entertaining everyday

The water was clear and the sun is in the shape of a sphere

The clear water is streaming with excitement

People were beaming

People are chatting and it’s really loud in the sky

There are cotton-candyfloss clouds

The ground is made of wood

When I move my foot across the floor, it feels good.

By Lexie Woodcock 3CO



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