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Our Harvest Celebration

On Thursday 11th October we had our whole school Harvest Festival. This was the first big event we shared with our new Year 3 children, celebrating Harvest in St. Peter's Church. This special service is an opportunity where we give thanks for all of the things we know we can be grateful for: our families and friends; our homes and our school; the farmers growing the crops and the food we all have to eat.

Our school choir started the service with a beautiful song called 'I have a song to sing' and each year group shared their special messages and prayers, with everyone singing together two traditional songs of celebration.

We would like to say an enormous thank you to the overwhelming generosity of our children and their families for all of the produce brought in for the Harvest collection. This is the true meaning of sharing and helping others and in line with one of our school values. All the food collected will be taken to Northern Devon Food Bank and distributed to local people in need in our community.

A very big thank you everyone!



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