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'Simple Things Done Well'

Taiko drumming is a key part of what we do here at Ilfracombe Juniors. We use the Taiko principles as a guide for how we approach the entire curriculum. The four main principles we are focusing on are Attitude - always doing our best, Kata - body language, Technique - simple things done well,  and Ki - enjoyment. 3EC have just had their second session of Taiko drumming with Ms Foster. It was a great opportunity for the children to show just how much progress they have made since the beginning of the year, with both their Taiko drumming abilities and their general learning behaviour. The children modelled all of the Taiko principles brilliantly, demonstrating fantastic learning behaviour. Because of this, Ms Foster was able to introduce new patterns which the children observed, listened to and picked up exceptionally quickly.

'I liked keeping the beat.' Micah Davey 3EC

'Taiko has helped me because I didn’t used to have great Kata but now I do.' Eliza Roberts 3EC

'I really like Taiko because we are learning new things all the time and I liked getting the feedback of how to get better. Ms Foster helped me get my arm into the right position.' Imy Jamieson-Dunn 3EC

'My favourite bit about Taiko drumming is doing donga don click click.' Ella Hancock 3EC

'I love Taiko!' Hanna Geaney 3EC



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