Spelling Bee Class Winners

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

This week we have been taking part in the class rounds of our Spelling Bee. We have taken on each other in classes, every child showed some amazing spelling knowledge. The winners of each class will now take on the other class winners in their year group to get two year group finalists!

The Year 3 winners are: Charley Findlay, Jasmine Keating, Kai Kyriacou & Dylan Kelly.

The Year 4 winners are: Eliza Roberts, Willow Crossley, Summer Hussell & Lili Barnes.

The winners in Year 5 are: Rebecca Squire, Evie Baker, Joseph Romo, Reuben Terry & Joey Golding.

The winners in Year 6 are: Lucky Gurung, Samuel Weller, Cody Burridge and Bradley Blackmore.


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