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Spelling Bee Final!

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Today we held the spelling bee finals! The winners of the year groups took each other on to find two overall winners; a lower school winner and an upper school winner.

The words got harder, the crowd got bigger and the nerves were visible but all the children that made it to the final did themselves proud. Each child involved showed a great effort and did their best. Even the children watching were respectful and showed pride towards their peers.

The Upper School winner was Reuben Terry. Reuben became victorious without spelling a single word wrong! Rebecca Squire came a close 2nd. Bradley Blackmore and Samuel Weller also gave a good performance to become runners up.

The Lower School winner goes to Summer Hussell. Closely followed by Willow Crossley in 2nd place. The runners up for lower school were Kai Kyriacou and Dylan Kelly.

Well done to everyone that took part!

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