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Taiko Drumming

Three children from Year 6 wanted to try something new in Taiko drumming.

Our standing Taiko requires playing a Taiko drum in a unique way, sharing the drum with a second person.

Kata is an important part of all of our learning – how we present, a focus on our body posture, believing we can do it.

Here you can see our Year 6 pupils showing strong body posture, paying attention to the fine detail of how to stand and how to hold the bachi sticks.

Here are their thoughts:

‘I found this drumming very inspiring, watching the boys practice and learn. I felt slightly scared when having a first go – but excited at the same time.’ LEITESHA CAMPBELL 6AR

‘I didn’t know the different ways that you could use Taiko, but having a go at playing in this way has given me a different perspective.’ WILLIAM BLACKMORE 6AR

‘To start with playing like this needed a lot of energy, but as I practised and progressed, I got into the flow of the movement and found the action much more natural.’ JASPER SHOBBROOK 6AR



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