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Using Numicon in Year 3

In maths over the last few weeks, Year 3 have been working on becoming secure with adding and subtracting facts to 10 and 20. We have used Numicon resources to demonstrate and show our number bonds to 10 and 20 as shown in the photographs below.

With continued practice these number bonds will become automatic. Which will further strengthen their addition and subtraction facts as we progress to larger numbers.

We have also been as exploring our place value knowledge with hundreds, tens and ones. We are learning to partition numbers onto a place value chart to show how much each digit of the number represents as shown below.

They also show Year 3 practicing their knowledge of shapes and geometry by constructing 3D models from blu tack and straws.

All of the Year 3 teachers have been impressed with the children’s excitement to explore new ideas and ways to solve problems.

On the Year 3 page, you can view the Milestone activities, which can be used to help your child secure the knowledge needed by the end of this half term.



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