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Y6 Eden Project Trip - Reminders

We will soon be heading off to explore the rainforest tomorrow Wednesday 6th February.

Here is some important information to help get prepared for the ‘expedition’:

· Register will be taken in the school hall at 6.40am prompt. Please can we ask that children arrive no later than 6.30am. School gates will open at 6.20am.

· Bring a packed lunch, tuck and plenty to drink (no glass bottles, please).

· Our school uniform is to be worn. A coat is recommended for outside activities.

· Children have the option to bring some pocket money if they wish to purchase a souvenir from the Gift Shop. We advise no more than £5.

· Children may bring a disposable camera if they wish. However, we request that automatic cameras/devices are not taken.

· If your child is prone to travel sickness, please administer any travel sickness medication before leaving home. For the return journey, please give travel medication to your child’s teacher, sealed in an envelope clearly written with your child’s name, class and instructions.

· Children will not be permitted to bring any mobile phones. A text message will be sent out to all parents when we reach Barnstaple to ensure that any unnecessary waiting is avoided.

· We are expecting to return to school between 6pm and 6.30pm. Please wait in the hall, and as classes are ready to be dismissed you will be called through to the classroom.

This is always a very enjoyable and memorable trip and we know the children will love the experience of an actual rainforest environment.



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