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Year 3 Mental Health Sessions

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

On Friday, Year 3 invited parents and carers into class to share one of our mental health sessions. In this session, we focused on the process we go through when we have a difficult thought. We looked at a scenario of getting something wrong in class and then generated what thoughts we might experience in response to this e.g. I'm not good at this, I always get things wrong. We labelled these around our heads. We then discussed what emotions these thoughts might make us feel e.g. inferior, sad, frustrated. These were labelled around our hearts. The third thing we labelled were the physical things our bodies might do in reaction to our emotions e.g. flushed cheeks, clenched fists, sweaty palms. The final stage was to label the behaviour we might show as a result of how we felt e.g. going quiet, storming off, no longer taking part. It was so interesting to think about all of these things taking place as a result of a thought we had had. Having a great understanding of our thoughts on our behaviour will hopefully support us in trying to make more positive choices if we experience a similar thought in the future.


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