Year 3 Study 'Duration'

3CH have been studying ‘Duration’ in music. We have a simple chant to remember what duration means.

‘Duration is how long or short the sound or note is!’

We played a variety of instruments in different ways to see if each instrument could only make a short sound, a long sound or both long and short sounds. Most instruments could create both long and short sounds if we were creative in the way we played them.

We created a chart showing the duration of each sound and instrument and children drew pictures of the instruments we used.

‘I enjoyed playing the vibra-slap as I had never played it before.’ Emma

‘I like the actions that go with our sentence (chant).’ Paige

‘I like it when we tried all the different instruments to decide if they made long or short notes. We all played together at the end and it sounded good! Sometimes it was tricky to keep to the beat and not to get mixed up!’ Mitchell