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Year 4 Explore 'Sound'

In 4TS this week, we were lucky enough to have a visitor come in to run a fantastic hands on workshop about our current Science topic of Sound. Maria Vincent works as a Chemist for Actavis in Barnstaple. After talking a little about how she came to her work in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) field, she gave us some exciting activities to explore different aspects of sound such as pitch and volume. We had an exciting, interesting and noisy afternoon!

'I liked looking at the vibrations when you pulled down the elastic band because you could actually see the trail of the vibrations when it was moving so fast!' Coby Power 4TS 'I really liked singing happy birthday to the sound monitor! It was measuring volume in decibels and our whole team (Team Mufflers!) sang so it was very loud!' William Wyatt 4TS 'I liked hitting the big drum and hearing the different sounds it made. It made a high and low pitch if you hit it in different places.' Lacey Kelly 4TS 'I really liked Science yesterday because we had an expert come and she taught us about pitch. We tapped on glasses with different amounts of water. The glass with the most water made a low pitch and the glass with the least amount of water made the highest pitch. It made a low pitch because there was more water so the vibrations were travelling slower.' Callum Hicks 4TS



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