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Year 4 Meet Steve Cole

This week, we were inspired by a visit from the children’s author Steve Cole. Many of the children have already read some of his books, from Aliens Stink! to the Astrosaurs series or The Day of the Flying Thumbs. Steve talked to us about how to put images in the readers’ heads - picture a Dalek in pink frilly pants! He sang us a song he wrote about stinky aliens when he was just eleven years old and taught us how to squash words together to make new words (astronaut and dinosaur makes astrosaurs). We loved it when we worked together to create our own imaginary alien with one thousand arms, three eyes and a yellow bottom!

“I liked him because he was funny. He scared me when he screamed because he sat down on the chombie (chombie = chair plus zombie!).” Megan

“My favourite part was when he put together a poodle and a goldfish making a poofish!” Lewis

“I loved it when he signed my book, The Day of the Flying Thumbs.” Levi

“I loved it when he sang the Aliens Stink song!” Leo



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