Year 5

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back to a new half term. Year 5! Wow what a journey your children are going through - half way through their time with us! We are so proud to be your children’s teachers and have already been impressed with the positive attitude and growing maturity the children have.

Thank you to all parents for helping to settle the Year 5 children into the new term in such a smooth manner. It is really helpful that any concerns or initial issues have been brought to our attention so swiftly because this has enabled us to act as fast as possible. Our three new classrooms have been set up and organised in a timely manner and we have been really impressed with the way children have respected this new learning space.

English and Maths

This term we will be studying The Tear Thief written by Carol Ann Duffy. A calming, beautiful story about tears being stolen to power the luminous moon. The key vocabulary words we have pulled from the text are; sly, enticing, gleaming, mischievous, brimming and luminous. Please do try to use these words in your everyday conversations! Maybe a drink your child has made could be brimming or you might pop outside to look at the luminous moon! Let us know what you come up with on Class Dojo! Very soon the school library will be up and running again as will our Accelerated Reader programme.

In maths, will be learning to work with large numbers, understanding equivalent fractions, using decimals and calculating. MyMaths will be up and running really soon so please keep your child up to date with the required home learning.

RE, History and Science

In RE, we will study the conflicting and complementary beliefs and theories of the origin of existence from the Biblical and Scientific points of view. This culminates in a written discussion about the way in which both ideas are separate and overlap. In history, we will be learning about the Anglo-Saxon and Viking invasion of Britain. We will research how they had many separate kingdoms, how they became experts in trading and how this has shaped our modern day Britain. In science, we will learn about life-cycles of both plants and animals, how they change as they grow and how they reproduce.

PE Kit and Uniform

Children are expected to come to school each day wearing a school uniform. Also, it is essential that children wear a full PE kit for PE lessons. Expectations for both of these are available on the school website.

Home Learning

The expectation for home learning this year is that every child will read 5 nights of the week. Children should record this in the Reading Journal, with the name of the text and an adult’s signature at the end of the week. There will also be MyMaths that will be set up each week; each child should be spending 30 minutes on this.

We are really looking forward to seeing your children grow and progress throughout the rest of the year. With many exciting activities planned, we are sure that there are plenty of opportunities for them to flourish both academically and socially. Year 5 are using Class Dojo this year and your children’s teachers can respond to any messages or comments you may have; however, urgent messages should still come through the office for immediate attention. We are looking forward to meeting you at the parents’ evenings.

Yours sincerely

Mr Clatworthy

Year 5 Co-Ordinator


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