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Year 5 Space Expo

Year 5 held their Space Expo on Friday, it was a huge success! The children were tasked with creating an invention that would allow them to live on another planet. They had to think about what we need to survive and how they could overcome this problem with their invention.

Across the year group, some amazing ideas were created. Not only did they create their inventions but they also researched ideas and facts to help support their model and try to capture an 'investment' from the visiting parents and adults.

A big thank you to everyone that came to support the Expo, we had a huge turnout. This allowed the children to really showcase their work and gave them a chance to practice public speaking. I hope you all agree how fantastic the children were!

Harry B's Mum was amazed at how many different ideas had been designed - she was also impressed by the commitment of the children towards their designs.

Well done Year 5, you should be super proud of all your hard work.



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