Year 5 Working on Rounding

Over the last few weeks in maths Year 5 have been working on rounding and building our range of addition and subtraction strategies.

When rounding we know there are lots of useful hints and tips such as rhymes. But a rhyme doesn't always help! In 5WS we really focused on what two numbers our number fit between and then worked out which it was nearer to in order to decide whether it rounded up or down.

We also discovered that if you can round to 10, then you can round decimals easily!

We have been building our range of addition and subtraction strategies. Some of these are mental and some are written. This means that when we look at numbers we need to decide which method is best for solving that particular problem. Ask us when we might use a rounding and adjusting method instead of using column addition or subtraction.

Our next milestone assessment is on the website and will be completed near the end of the term.


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